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Single Parent Connections at Your Fingertips is a social/marketplace application that connects single/solo parents with each other and with businesses that offer personal and life services. The app alleviates single parent's isolation, forms positive relationships for parents and their children, and promotes a mentally healthy parenting lifestyle.

We are a female founded social enterprise on a mission to empower single parents that they can confidently manage their family and raise children in a mentally and emotionally healthy environment.


We elevate single parents so that no parent ever feels alone in their parenting journey!

We plan to operate as a Certified B Corporation® which means meeting the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability as part of a global movement of people using business as a force for good. The B stands for ‘B the Change’, which is inspired by Gandhi’s famous invocation “We must be the change that we seek in the world.”


We are making the world a better place by empowering single parents that they can confidently manage their family and raise children in a healthy and positive environment. #singleparentsunite


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Secure & Instant Single Parent Connections

Top Security

When single parents set up their profiles they are required to click on a box stating that they have their vulnerable clearance background check. This clearance is required for all profiles on the app. The feature is a vital for security due to the personal information being shared between the parents.

Online Support

The Support feature will be added. Includes photo verification, location tracking and immediate emergency assistance. This is another essential safety feature added upon signing on the app.

Fast Performance

Once the single parent profile is set up, they connect in 'real time' with other single parents within their location, based on their chosen fields of gender, age, hobbies, children's ages and hobbies and with personal and life services that they are seeking.

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Personalized Single Parent Connections

Personalized Experience

The app connects single parents based on the results of potential connections. It allows the single parent to anonymously connect with another single parent by swiping right or pass by swiping left on them. When two users connect with each other, that results in a 'match', the 'single parent connection'. Once the connection is made the single parents can message each other within the app.

Location Accessibility uses your location, interests and set features to connect you with other single parents in your area with similar interests and children within the same age bracket.

Mother and Daughter Love

Innovating How Single Parents Connect


To be the go-to single parent app worldwide by cultivating and fostering a community of single parents that support each other in child rearing, life and personal services.


To connect single parents with each other for personal and life services. The app links parents for information, support, child rearing advice, tips, feedback, referrals, bartering services, personal supports such as babysitting, children activities/playdates, and setting up events which elevates the single parent's connections and children's friendships.

VALUES~ Connection, Collaboration, Family, Integrity, Society 


Our Story

Our founder, Anca Dan, planned to attend a business networking event one evening and her babysitting plans fell through. She had no one else to look after her young child.

“Without family in Canada and no supports, I felt so alone. I couldn’t find childcare for my son for a couple of hours. I was so upset. I went in the shower and cried. I thought to myself why isn’t there a website or app where people can instantly connect for child care support such as babysitting and other life services, and talk to someone about the challenges of being a single parent. In that moment I envisioned a place where single parents, like myself, could access others in the same situation and support each other in their time of need."

"I’ve been a connector my entire life throughout school and in my career as a human resources professional and coach, this platform builds community on a much bigger scale." So research began, to learn as much as possible and gather the best and most relevant information. I started writing everything down- what the  platform would look like, the design, the services single parents would benefit from, what single parents authentically need for positive and healthy child rearing. The end goal to develop a platform that supports single parents with their unique lifestyle.”


We surveyed single parents and validated, and parents are so excited for the app! Single parents can't wait to connect with like-mined parents and locate the supports they need to raise their children in a mentally healthy family.

When single parents support one another it changes lives. When one of us is not feeling well mentally or emotionally, we are not living our best lives for ourselves and our children. We should not be ashamed that we need support. Accepting that we need support is paramount to a healthy and positive family environment. Being vulnerable and honest with ourselves allows us to grow. Single parents can relate to each other because of their unique parenting lifestyle. So development started and the rest is history…..

We are so excited to help single parents internationally so that no parent ever feels alone in their parenting journey!

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Anca Dan

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Director, Technology


What People are Saying

“This is life changing.  To be able to connect with other parents close to me is great. This is awesome! This app is a great service for single parents. I can exchange babysitting, I look forward to having a moment to myself."

John G.

“What you are doing is God sent and I am so thankful for this app. I really wanted something like this so I can connect with other like-minded single parents!"

“This sounds amazing! I think the app will help a lot of people. Single parents won't feel alone any more because they will be able to connect with others, ask advise and get the support that they need instantly."

Kari Ann N.

Shelley D.

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The Innovation Issue

Interview (page 48/49)

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Partners & Supporters

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Contact Us

We want to hear from you!

Please send us comments, questions and feedback.


3 Months FREE Membership 

Your feedback on your experience as a single parent is invaluable!

Please schedule a meeting or complete the Single Parent Survey below at your convenience.

Enter to WIN a 3 Month FREE Membership.

Participants will provide their feedback on app development during the beta stage. Be part of the initial testing and stay tuned with all the current updates.

App bonuses and prizes may be provided for participation.


Contact Us to be part of the app and support single parents with your services/products.

We are building the business platform and can't wait for you to be part of this innovative app.

First Year Membership is FREE!


You will feel incredible supporting us!

Your Payoff - You are supporting a female founded social enterprise that empowers parents emotionally, mentally and financially. You will support the children of the future; society and humanity as a whole; and promote a business that gives back to community.

We are so excited to elevate single parents internationally so that no parent ever feels alone in their parenting journey!  #singleparentsunite


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